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Re-Do Your I-Do's with a Vow Renewal with Ocean Place Events!
Re-Charge, Re-New, Re-Kindle, Re-Connect..........
Renewing your Wedding Vows is for Every Couple! It's an opportunity to re-affirm your love for each other..the traditional wedding etiquette doesn't apply--This is a Vow Renewal..Do as you wish! 
If your like most couples, you actually had to watch your wedding video to really enjoy everything that took place on your wedding day! What many couples will only admit privately is that their wedding day wasn't their day..All too often couples look back upon their day and note that they caved into pressure from family and friends about what they wanted instead of creating a day on what I wanted..  So you ask..Who Renews their Vows?
Couples who eloped
Couples Celebrating a Milestone Anniversary 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th
Couples who have made it through a difficult time, illness, financial or relationships
Couples who just could not afford to have the wedding they wanted..for various reasons
Couples who just want to express to their partner they would do it all over again!
Now that your planning to renew your vows, You have the perfect opportunity to do it all all over again, and really enjoy all in attendance--Those last minute jitters won't be a part of this celebration! Since you are already married and have in possession your wedding license, your vow renewal does not require any additional paperwork!  How easy is that!
So what do you need to know to make sure your "Take Two" goes off perfectly? Well Ocean Place Events..of course! We plan it with you, and let me remind you it's a celebration of your commitment to one another-Let's make the celebration reflect your personalities!
So What options do we offer? Cruise Vow Renewals!..what a great way to gather your closest friends and family, extended family and new acquaintances.  It's a great time to share in laughs, love and new stories! Besides with so many friends and family scattered over many states what a great way to get everyone together to join you both in a great time! Below is an example with Carnival Cruise Lines of what's included in the packages!     
 Carnival Cruise Lines Vow Renewals


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