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Welcome to Ocean Place Events / Sand and Sea Vacations!    Lets talk about your... CRUISE DESTINATION WEDDING...​


An increasing number of couples are choosing cruise destination weddings over traditional "Home Town"..White Gown..35K Five Hour Event! With a destination wedding your guests are treated to a week long vacation (or less) in a beautiful sun filled locale! No worries with trying to find a restaurant or sharing a costly bar tab! Take time to spend with guests and reconnect with those you don't see often.


Cruise Destination Weddings provide a fun opportunity to reunite family and friends in an amazing setting or to celebrate a private ceremony in a fabulous locale. A Cruise Destination Wedding is a one stop wedding event!  Your package will usually include your officiant, flowers, photos, cake and a beautiful location to honeymoon in!  Your attendants and guests can choose to stay on for the cruise or depart at the pier. Some of the best times will be hanging out at the swim up bar, engaging in conversation at the beach or sitting together at a welcome dinner! Plans can be made for a spa treatment or a golf getaway..We find that guests will welcome the chance to plan a vacation around YOUR wedding..In fact many brides are surprised at how many guests actually attend, (they pay for their own travel)!


As a bride, the best part for you is that once you choose your date and ship, your work is done! Simply advise your guests, through your save the date cards, or send them the link with all your cruise wedding information and that the planning and booking is being done through Ocean Place Events! Once your guests and attendants contact us we book their package and keep track of your guests for you, we act as the liaison between the onsite cruise wedding coordinator and the bride, so everything is clear and your organized.  Ocean Place Events promises to give your wedding and honeymoon the attention is deserves, Let us.. 

   *Assist you in making informed and educated decisions                *Present a range of options 

   *Guide you through developing a spending plan                           *Wedding Attire

   *Keep you on track with your planning tasks, details, and budget​

Some brides may feel a cruise destination wedding may be out of your budget, and too much work, but when you consider the costs and effort involved with a traditional wedding..Brides often find this option is well within reach! Ocean Place Events recommends all cruise lines!


There are many cruise line options, just remember family and friends are scattered throughout many states, so getting them together is sometimes challenging, throw in a vacation with a special purpose and all your friends and family will join you! Spend time with the people who matter to you most..  

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