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   Cruise Weddings..Every Detail Perfected, Everyday A New Destination, Every Moment Unforgettable..YES CAPTAIN, I DO!

           Discover the Possibilities at Sea...."This is how "I Do" is Done!

Love means different things to different people, There's good news for couples who want to get married

in a beautiful location with out the hassle of planning a formal sit-down dinner for 200 of your closest

friends and family.  Few things can compete with the romantic atmosphere aboard a cruise ship!

The best part..Cruise Weddings allow you to combine your ceremony and reception with a honeymoon

while offering your family and friends a vacation as well!

If you can't decide which destination you want to visit the most..then don't.  A Cruise Wedding gives you the option to visit many!  

Wow, so you say you may never have thought that the cruise lines offer weddings? SURPRISE!  Disney Cruise Lines hosts 700 wedding a year, Royal Caribbean about 800, Norwegian 700, and Princess, Celebrity and Carnival too many to count! Saying I DO at Sea has captured the attention of many brides and grooms as couples seek to simplify their wedding without compromising on what they want, combining their wedding and honeymoon into one is a memorable seagoing experience!  

                               Cruise Weddings

Over the years there has been an increasing number of couples who are choosing Cruise Weddings over the traditional ones, Lets face it Cruise Weddings provide a fun opportunity to re-unite families and friends in a truly
amazing setting. As most people no longer live where they grew up and family is spread all over, its a great opportunity to bring everyone together! The wedding, the reception, and honeymoon are all part of your cruise package which is blended seamlessly to create a truly unforgettable event! 

*Carnival Cruise Lines
*Norwegian Cruise Lines
*Princess Cruise Lines
*MSC Cruises
*Royal Caribbean  
*Disney Cruise  Lines
*Celebrity Cruise Lines

        Have you ever thought about getting married in Mexico, Alaska, The Med, Europe, Italy, or the Caribbean..We can make it happen! Now that's a story with great pictures!

Let's get your planning
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6 Reasons Why A Cruise Wedding is an Excellent Option! "Cue the Calypso Music and Cruise"
1. Cruise Weddings can cut your budget in half, you will save 15K or more off a traditional wedding which makes it very affordable
2. Cruise Weddings are unique and the fun lasts longer than the traditional 5 hour wedding!
3. Family and friends will will be more likely to join and share in the great stories and events
4. Options for your wedding..on the sip, private island or embarkation!
5. Cruise Weddings minimize planning ..and stress
6. The cost! The average stateside wedding is 26-32K, the average Cruise Wedding 5K!
What are the season trends of "When to Tie The Knot"
     *Spring 23%
     *Fall 40%
     *Winter 5%
     *Summer 32% 
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